A Curious Hummingbird: Beautiful E-Waste Art

I remember how I used carry around my CD collection in a zip-up case that I kept in my backpack. It feels like just a few years back, but technology and music mediums have changed quite a bit in that time. I still keep a stack of CDs in the glove compartment of my car on the off-chance that I leave my iPod behind, but the disks are probably dusty now from disuse. While electronics stores still fill aisle after aisle with new CDs, I don’t believe it is profound to suggest that the CD-ROM is going the way of the floppy disc and the zip drive. With the advent of iTunes, Amazon Music, and now Google Play, it is pretty easy for me to imagine a world without compact disks, but what to do with the stacks of blank CDs still sitting under your desk waiting to be burned? Australian artist Sean E Avery has discovered a beautiful solution, breaking the discs into pieces and turning them into fanciful animal sculptures.

Staying true to the obsolete technology theme, Avery’s work also makes use of old circuit boards, chips, and other recycled computer parts. Avery, who does not stray from turning his e-waste into anything but whimsical animal sculptures, has an amazing talent for capturing the creatures in an interesting state of motion. The result is dramatic and captivating, artistic recycling in its most elegant form.

Sculpture of an ant carrying a leafDuck sculpture made from recycled paper

Sean E Avery via DVICE

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