Golden Gate Camper

A Tiny Electric Camper Car

Golden Gate Camper

This tiny little camper is designed and built to allow the user to remain self-sufficient while roaming the country. Know as the Golden Gate, this electric camper was built by San Francisco artist Jay Nelson (the elegance and aesthetic of the vehicle should give away that it was an artist’s work). Constructed from a couple of electric bikes and a combination of plywood, epoxy resin, and fiberglass building materials, this tiny home on wheels is equipped with a sink and stove for cooking, a toilet, and a bed. I assume it is a very small bed.


To steer the Golden Gate, the driver has to sit on the floor of the camper and control the vehicle using the wooden steering wheel. Considering the power driving the electric camper is coming from a couple of electric bicycles, it is not surprising that it has a range of less than 10 miles. Unless you plan to live out of the Golden Gate, don’t expect this little electric camper to carry you very far from home. Honestly, you would probably be better off just riding an electric bicycle. Those things have a range of 20+ miles.

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  1. I love this! What a creative and beautiful idea. Too bad about the battery power. Maybe the Golden Gate is meant for biking/camping in Golden Gate Park…hence the name. Thanks for the share!

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