Light Bulb Oil Lamp

Traditional light bulbs are slowly disappearing as people turn toward more environmentally friendly and energy efficient forms of lighting. One designer by the name of Sergio Silva decided to turn this aging technology into a beautiful art piece with his Oyule Lamp Set. Using reclaimed light bulbs, some non-flammable paraffin oil, and a short wick, these glass orbs are turned into flickering lamps that will add a gentle glow to any room. Plus the novelty of the design is sure to catch people’s attention almost immediately.

The metal rim of the light bulb has a strong spherical magnet installed in it. The acrylic base also has a magnet, which is what allows the light bulb lamps to remain seemingly suspended in this diagonal position. I have to admit, the effect is pretty cool and probably the characteristic that makes these lamps so dramatic.

Silva’s Oyule light bulb lamps come in sets of two and have a price tag of $650. Yes, I too thought the price was ridiculously ridiculous. I wondered if perhaps they forgot to put in the decimal point, but indeed, the asking price is a bit more than I would every pay for an oil lamp. If you are interested in having a recycled oil lamp like this, I recommend you build it yourself. The design is simple enough and the materials are all very very cheap (perhaps with the exception of the shiny black and magnetized acrylic base). I cannot reasonably explain the $650 price tag. That is a whole new kind of expensive. The Oyule Lamp Set has a definite cool factor though and magnets certainly are amazing.

66degrees via Coolest-Gadget

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    1. Yes, these lamps are beautiful but the price tag is really outrageous for this lamp set. The idea though is nice and it could be an interesting DIY project!

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