NYC Green Roof

The green roof pictured here sits atop a few low-rise brick building in West Village, NYC. Designed by Caliper Studio,the rooftop greenscape has turned what would otherwise be a tar roof into a beautiful living space. Not only does the grassy  yard dramatically re-character this NYC studio and apartment with it’s modern retrofit, but the green roof greatly improves the energy efficiency of the space.
A plank path adds functionality to the space and leads visitors through a sculpture garden by Roy Lichtenstiens. Two rooftops compose the space and are separated only by the noticeable change in elevation. If I live in New York, I would certainly love to have such a beautiful green space in such close proximity. The green roof adds an entirely new feature to the apartment while reducing the impact of stromwater runoff on the city’s sewer system and of summer heatwaves on the living space beneath. All in all, a beautiful coupling of form and function.

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