Power With A Time Limit

The people at Yanko Design have once again come up with an attractive (albeit over-engineered) design that is environmentally conscious and energy efficient. The Ring Socket essentially builds a simple timer into an electrical outlet so that the use must determine for how long they plan on using power. Once the timer has counted down, the outlet shuts off and prevents any more current from passing through. The current usage (standby, in use, and overload) from a Ring Socket that still has time on its clock is indicated by the color of the illuminated ring (taking advantage of the colors green, yellow, and red along with the meanings that have been so engrained in us by traffic signals).

Every effort should be made to conserve energy. While the Ring Socket takes a sophisticated and technological approach to the issue, means of energy conservation can be quite simple. By flipping off surge protectors while they are not in use or unplugging appliances that are only on for five or ten minutes at a time can have an impact on the energy efficiency of a home. You can read about Vampire Energy to get a fuller understanding of just how much energy is waste by appliances when they are still turned off.

The Ring Socket design takes a different approach to energy conservation because it is not a do-it-for-you piece of technology. Instead the Ring Socket make the user think about how long they intend to use an electronic device and thus how much energy the activity is consuming. Most importantly, the electrical connection is turned off automatically instead of relying on the user’s attentiveness to turn on and off. It is no stretch to say that people can be distracted or inconsistent. And if you are using a device and need more time, turn the ring right and give yourself another hour or too. This level of effort and attention could be considered inconvenient, but I believe it would be more accurate to say that our lifestyles, when it comes to energy use and conservation, are very lazy. No one should be complaining if they start to see their electricity bill decline.

Source: Yanko Design