Recycled Suitcase Vanity

This recycled suitcase is bound to add a lot a character to your bathroom or bedroom. The suitcase stirs up images in my head from old movies and classic Hollywood actresses hoping around the globe via movie sets. The style just looks so charming and well-made, characteristics that have been since replaced by cheap and practical. Not to say I would trade in my suitcase with wheels, but I do enjoy the romanticism images of traveling the world with a leather suitcase.

These suitcase vanities are made by lovenostalgicwhimsy, an absolutely perfect name, and are composed of worn out and recycled leather luggage. These pieces are turned into simple medicine cabinets that can be quite easily mounted on a wall. The fabric interior of the luggage also adds a nice touch. The size of the suitcases make them quite perfect for holding the odds and ends that clutter most vanities.

Via Lost at E Minor

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