Stickwork – Natural Art

Truly living art is a rare accomplishment, by branch-bending expert Partick Dougherty has made it a central part of his life’s work. I’ve collected a variety of pictures that represent just a sample of some of Dougherty’s many masterpieces. While sifting through pictures, I cannot help but image the childhood fantasies that might have inspired the works. He has fashioned human-sized nests houses by meticulously weaving living trees into the shapes he sees. The plants are carefully and thoughtfully shaped into huts, cocoons, water pitchers, and people. Describing the artwork as cool does not give justice to the years worth of time and attention that must go into each creation.

After decades of traveling the world and perfecting his craft, Dougherty’s portfolio now boasts over 200 beautiful and living sculptures. The world calls it art, but he merely calls in “stickwork.” Check out the natural creations and get a glimpse into this man’s imagination.