Singing Bridge Adorned with Wind Chimes

Mark Nixon of London studio CZWG has turned a bridge in Aarhus, Denmark, into a gorgeous musical instrument by hanging metal pipes from its underside. A grand total of 600 gold-anodized aluminum pipes, which vary in length from 120 mm to 3750mm,  move freely in the passing breeze, sounding like a traditional wind chime when they collide. The only difference is that this is a church-organ-sized wind chime.

The sculpture, called Chimecco, is a part of this year’s Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, which takes place entirely outdoors. Nixon’s design for a large interactive wind chime was selected as one of the winners of an open competition of over 350 submissions. Visitors are welcome to climb under the bridge and help make your own music with the giant wind chimes.

The brilliant design is based upon three conceptual ideas. The first is the concept of music and interaction as a catalyst for conversation and play. The second is the idea of a non-visual object. The sculpture is ‘hidden’ beneath the bridge. The constant variance in wind conditions on the site cause the sculpture to hide, but also reveal itself through the creation of sound when the wind chooses to blow. The use of interactive nodes on the top creates another interesting effect, allowing passerby’s to become performers and audience members. People visiting the bridge can touch the interactive nodes on its surface to activate the chimes in a controlled order, in essence, ‘playing’ the instrument. The final idea behind the sculpture is the concept of creation through the combined interactions of human movement and natural movement.This is certainly one of those times when concept and creation come together to in a beautiful and engaging piece of artwork.

Via Dezeen