The Bubble Tent Hotel Beneath the Forests of Bouches-du-Rhone

I find it impossible to look through images of Bubbletree’s pop-up tents and not think of a human-sized snowglobe. First designed by Pierre Stéphane, these sometimes completely transparent and sometimes slightly opaque bubble tents offer a very unique way to travel, providing a vision of the night sky as you lounge in your shelter.  They are even being used to make an entire hotel in France. The Attrap’Rêves Hotel, located outside of Marseille, consists of a collection of these unusual tents that have been scattered in the forests of Bouches-du-Rhone, giving visitors the opportunity to sleep beneath the beautiful trees.

Bubble-Tent-Outdoor-Hotel-FranceThe bubble tents, which were first designed as a way for campers to explore nature without leaving a negative impact on the environment, are only about 13 feet in diameter. Their small size makes them relatively easy to pack up and tot away. While the Attrap’Rêves Hotel is not exactly roughing it outdoors (the tents come with comfortable furniture and during the warmer seasons, guest can choose spots with jacuzzis), the destination is certain to be a unique experience that puts you right into nature.


Source: Attrap’Rêves Hotel via KNSTRCT

The images here are copyrighted to Attrap’Rêves where stated.

5 thoughts on “The Bubble Tent Hotel Beneath the Forests of Bouches-du-Rhone”

    1. IT’S A TENT. You bathe in the same places you would bathe if you were camping in a regular tent… the great outdoors!

  1. Nice idea, crazy even! But but but it is not the best choice for lovers who want to play games for two :PPP another inconvenient is that bubbles rooms have not places where to change your clothes. Nevertheless, I would like to spend one night here!

  2. Love love love it! Own several acres of woods and privacy no problem! Not a tent person, this would keep out creatures and be so cozy!!

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